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Domestic violence refers to a wide range of conduct, from threats and verbal harassment to the use of physical force. Domestic violence includes all forms of abuse, from screaming and pushing, to emotional and physical abuse. Each year, approximately 1 million women suffer from nonfatal violence perpetrated by an intimate partner. More than 4 million women experience a serious assault by someone they know or love. Continue reading “DOMESTIC VIOLENCE”


Sacramento Domestic Violence Attorney

Sacramento Domestic Violence Attorney Goes Over Common Questions

Violence against another person is illegal and considered assault or battery, depending on the circumstances. When the alleged victim is someone with whom the alleged assaulter has a romantic relationship, it is considered domestic violence and is a much more serious allegation. If you or someone you know has been accused of domestic violence, it’s important you speak to a Sacramento domestic violence attorney immediately.

California law makes it illegal to use physical force or to threaten physical force against an intimate partner. Such allegations can alter your life in a variety of ways. This article aims to answer some common questions regarding domestic violence but it’s not intended to be a replacement for legal expertise. If you have been accused of domestic violence, contact a Sacramento domestic violence attorney immediately. Continue reading “DOMESTIC VIOLENCE COMMON QUESTIONS”