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DUI Attorney in Sacramento Explains Common DUI Myths

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding DUI laws in the state of California. It is important to take everything a friend or acquaintance tells you about DUI laws with a hint of skepticism and contact a DUI attorney in Sacramento instead. It’s very important to understand the actual laws and policies so you can protect yourself if you’re in the unfortunate circumstance where these rules are relevant. Below this article aims to clear up some common misconceptions or myths about getting a DUI in California. Continue reading “COMMON DUI MYTHS”


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If You Are Facing Federal Drug Charges, You Need A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Sacramento With Experience Handling Drug Crime Defense Work In Federal Court

Many of the activities involving the production, sale, possession, or use of illicit drugs violate both state and federal criminal law. However, some activities violate only either a state law or a federal law.

For example, in California, despite statewide propositions that have sought to legalize marijuana use for medical purposes, federal law still prohibits the manufacture, sale, and possession of marijuana. Accordingly, individuals who believe they may conduct certain marijuana-related activities in California with impunity are mistaken, and may be surprised to find themselves arrested and charged by federal authorities. This is just one example where, when state and federal laws differ, a defendant may find himself or herself charged with a federal rather than state drug crime. Continue reading “FEDERAL DRUG CHARGES”


DUI Attorney in Sacramento

DUI Attorney in Sacramento Discusses the Consequences of Multiple DUI Arrests in One Year

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a very serious conviction. The consequences associated with this conviction increase in severity with the increase in DUIs incidents. There are minimum and maximum sentences for each conviction. Judges consider the specific circumstances and other factors surrounding a DUI when deciding the exact sentencing. If you have been convicted of another DUI in the same year, make sure to speak to a DUI attorney in Sacramento.

Most drunk driving incidents are prosecuted as misdemeanors but a DUI may be considered a felony if someone is injured or if you have already had four or more DUIs. Courts consider the past 10 years as a “lookback” period. Any DUI’s that occurred before that period are not taken into consideration. Continue reading “CONSEQUENCES OF MULTIPLE DUI ARRESTS IN ONE YEAR”


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Sacramento Criminal Lawyer Defines Robbery, Penalties & Sentencing

Robbery is covered by Penal Code 211 which defines it as the taking of personal property from another person or “immediate presence” against that individual’s will using force or fear. Because it is a felony in the state of California, it is important you speak with a Sacramento criminal lawyer who can legally assist you if you’ve been charged of robbery. Continue reading “ROBBERY PENALTIES & SENTENCING”


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Sacramento Criminal Attorney Explains the Legal Aspect of a Victimless Crimes

The phrase “victimless crime” is not a legal term. It is a more casual phrase that is meant to describe crime that does not directly cause harm to anyone nor infringe upon their rights, but that is technically illegal. This article intends to explain some of the laws that some may consider to be “victimless.” It is a very subjective matter and can affect people in many different ways. Always make sure to speak with a Sacramento criminal attorney who can provide more accurate details regarding your specific case. Continue reading “LEGAL ASPECT OF A VICTIMLESS CRIMES”


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Criminal Lawyer in Sacramento Explains California Proposition 64

The passing of Proposition 64 in November of 2016 establishes the framework for the recreational sale of cannabis in the state of California. It also reduces a number of cannabis-related penalties, degrading many criminal offenses related to marijuana from felonies to misdemeanors.

What does this mean for the thousands of individuals currently incarcerated in the state of California for felony cannabis crimes? It means that you should peak with a criminal lawyer in Sacramento immediately if you have been charged or convicted of felony cannabis-related crimes. Continue reading “CALIFORNIA PROP 64”


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Criminal Lawyer in Sacramento Explains the New California Gun Laws in Detail

California saw some big changes to its gun laws in 2016. These changes in regulation will affect up to 6 million gun owners across the state. These new laws are set to take effect in the beginning of 2017, but certain aspects will be rolled out over the following years. Due to some recent complications with the legislation, including legislative overlap and concern over the constitutionality of the laws, many Californians are left confused about the laws effects and what action should be taken. If you have any questions about CA gun laws, t’s important you speak with a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Continue reading “CALIFORNIA GUN LAWS”


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Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Past Convictions and How They Can Affect Your Current Case

If you ask a psychologist what the best predictor of future human behavior is, they will almost certainly answer “past human behavior”. Many of us are programmed to be change averse, and this tends to make our habits and personality “sticky” and difficult to change. Continue reading “WILL PAST CONVICTIONS AFFECT MY CURRENT CASE?”


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A lot of attention has been afforded to “stand your ground” laws across the country following the highly publicized and fatal encounter between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin in Florida in 2012. We will leave the details of that specific case for another time and place, but the subject of “stand your ground” laws is worth an in depth discussion.

The term “stand your ground” has been used across the country by a variety of states to describe their self-defense laws. In Texas for example, the term “stand your ground” is used because the self-defense laws state that an individual is allowed to use force against a perceived attacker if they are unable to hold or stand their ground, and they fear imminent and serious harm to themselves. In other words, you could make a valid defense for shooting someone who advanced upon you in a way that instilled fear of harm within you, as long as their advancement hampered your ability to stand your ground. In California, the laws surrounding the use of force during self-defense are governed by the “Castle Doctrine” PC Section 198.5. Continue reading “DOES CALIFORNIA HAVE A STAND YOUR GROUND LAW?”